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'Rural Life, Sheep and Shapes'

Alan Roberts

7th - 29th September

I moved to the Upper Eden Valley almost 15 years ago, and my enduring passion for landscape photography has grown and blossomed into a love affair with my local surroundings and the farming industry it fosters.

I am especially interested in presenting the relationship between the land, and the people and beasts it supports, an interest amply illustrated in this collection. Whilst in the landscape or on the farm I attracted to the unusual in the usual and it is here where my abstract images are born.

I am delighted to present this combined exhibition of some of my latest work. Many of the monochrome images are a representation of country living, in and around Westmorland where I have settled and made my home, whilst the colour images represent some of the abstract forms that have drawn my eye. Each image has its own back-story and this is displayed with the images as you browse.

I am a self-taught photographer with over 35 years experience, gaining my Diploma in Professional Photography in 2014. My body of work is eclectic, covering all aspects of the art form, from abstract perceptions of natural and manmade objects to candid portraiture; from sky, sea and waterscapes to the bare beauty of skeletal winter trees.


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untitled shoot 168 November 17, 2013IMG_0992-Edit
30TH JUNE 2018 060 June 30, 2018BJ0A6167 5760 x 3840-Edit

Like many others my interest in photography started at an early age when I discovered the joy of seeing an image materialise in a darkroom. 


As I journey around Cumbria and more specifically the Upper Eden Valley and the Westmorland Dales I marvel at the beauty of the landscape, the area is very familiar but with changes of light be it subtle or dramatic I see something different, be it a tree I have not seen before, or not realising that there is a building in a field, the behaviours of people and animals. It's like a new and different tapestry each day and from this I am inspired to take my photographs. 


I love Landscape photographs, but I also like to explore activities in the area, and I always seem to have some form of project on the go, currently I am exploring farming life, working candidly has some drawbacks but is highly rewarding too. I think people are key to an area, so I enjoy visiting country shows, watching local sporting activities. Other interests are capturing "abstract" images within the whole, you could say capturing the unusual within the usual.

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