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There are approximately a dozen group members with around six to eight attending regularly. One member holds responsibility for liaising with the County Library Service.

Choosing books is done by members of the group putting forward suggestions. These highlight the various interests of members, keeping them on their toes, introducing everyone at some time to unfamiliar authors and subjects.

A full year’s programme of books can be ordered in advance and this is what we try and do. Sometimes a book may not be available for the month requested, which enables a member who is quick off the mark to request a book they failed to get requested earlier!  One book per month is taken and read by the group and then discussed at the following meeting.

Novels are the most popular choices but non fiction has sometimes been enjoyed. Generally the books are by 20/21st century authors, classics are permitted but seldom chosen. There is some demand for separate groups wishing to read and discuss classics, poetry, and environmentalism but realistically, insufficient numbers have so far come forward for such groups to be formed in Shap – this may change?

Snacks, generally home made biscuits and cake, are enjoyed during group meetings, also tea, coffee, and a glass of wine

New members are always most welcome and their input valued.

A charge of £1 is levied for each attendance to help towards the cost of running the OCH.

Once a year, a further £1 is requested- the annual charge by the Cumbria libraries for this service.

The Reading Group meets on the second Tuesday of each month.